Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gulf Shores vacation days (iPhone series)

The arrival was very anticipated and exciting after a long day of driving 

This was the first morning the earliest I could make it out was 6:30am so I missed the sunrise 

Grandad fishing in the surf

His flounder catch 

Me feeling like a relaxed peaceful being 

Sweet girl at the beach 

Sweet girls of mine

Here she comes

Oh yeah 

Amazing and Inspiring 

Mussels Mussels 

Another frolicking sweet girl 


Tired out 

Night time crabbing 

Darkness to light 

Pokemon hunting on the beach 

All the kids artwork for the memories 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Way Back then/when

I guess I've grown up no matter how much I won't admit or consent to it. Now my own little dude is approaching these formative years that I was trapped into within these photos. Constant change and adaptation to the world around us is something no one can escape from, it shapes and molds us into the beings we are. I just hope to be the best Father to my kids that I can possibly be and always reflect back to where I came from while trudging forward with all the imagination and creativity I can muster. Oh, and there's the most important thing of all LOVE, always Love and Live. Everyone around us all deserves at least that!

Dad looked super stoked after a long day of work and having his 4 monkey boys crawling all over him.

I actually played team sports!

My little bro Andy tryin his best to be like me

This is where it all changed! My first guitar at 15 years on Christmas. Not sure why but it's the thing that got me through those tough years of transitioning to a so called Man. Now one could say I probably have too many guitars but that one is obviously not a guitar player. There's something magic in a piece of wood with some strings.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall is here

Playing outside on a perfect November day with the best kids a person could ask for and be blessed with 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camping Out on Half Moon island

Man, we loaded this thing down. About as much as you could fit. So Trey and I set forth on our father/son camp out. We had a great time hanging out, swimming, cooking and surviving. We also had some campfire music with Trey on the harmonica while I strummed on the guitar. 

Enjoying the Magical sunset

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Days in the Life of.....

Sunflower Fields, Guitars, My Girls, Big Hugs, and Fishin' with my Little Dude