Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black Mountain Jam

Another Sunday afternoon spent out in the boulder gardens of Black Mountain. We brought out the guitar and mandolin looking for inspiration from Mother Nature.

A Grand View from the top overlooking Grassy Cove

Life is Good

Scott and I Had a nice little jam session going between the boulders, there were some people up top of the boulder checkin it out.

The boys always have a good time together

Great picture of Trey that Katherine shot, well she actually took all of the pictures that day except the overlook. Thank You Sweetie!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Day In The Life Of.....

Some days it really seems all clear, how blessed is this life I am living. To feel so rich with love, life, and true happiness is all a man could ever hope, want, and dream of. Trey and I had a great time paddling around the mouth of Whites Creek this afternoon. There is alot of wildlife around this area. We saw Ducks, A Blue Heron, One Big Fish jump in front of the boat, and a Great American Bald Eagle flew up over our heads, landed in a tree and just watched us look up in awe at what a beautiful noble creature God has bestowed upon us.

Not too bad of shots considering I was floating in a kayak with Trey in my lap and the camera zoomed in all the way to 32x. He grew bored of posing for me after awhile and went about his scouting the area out.

Here he is checking us out, Trey said "he's not flying away because he's Brave!"

A nice begining to the fall colors that will be draping our landscape and whispering our names, with the southern fading sun warming and glistening through the forest canopy calling us out to nature to enjoy this changing of seasons. A great time to plan for some hiking trips in the near future.

Two adventurers out in the wild. We went up this little lagoon that was only 25 ft. wide and 1 ft. deep thinking we would see some land dwelling animals but none let themselves be known to us. So we took a photo break


We were checking out a little island here at the bottom of the last little ripple of gradient Whites Creek dishes out before sucumbing to the coal ash affected Watts Bar lake:<( but the path was too grown up with holley bush and briars to get anywhere to explore.

The fresh rainwater from Millstone Mountain watershed made the creek much colder on our wet feet than the lake 100 or so yards downstream. It was a refreshing cold feel.

Trey was pulling the kayak off the rocks so we could set off downstream again

"Having a good time Dad!" this is around the time when he told me also that " I love going kayaking dad, this is the Greatest Day Of My Life" I smiled, and promised there will be many more to come.

This is a nice spot to hang around and watch the sunset, we've also had a pic-nic here once before.... or act like a monkey.....thanks for catching that one Trey!
What a day, but so will be another to come in the morning light so, who knows which way the path goes or river flows.... I'm right here where I need to be.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Clear Creek (Lilly to Nemo)

Took a trip down Clear Creek/Obed River this weekend, weather was kinda on the cool cloudy side till we got down to the third rapid and the sun emerged to warm our smiling faces! Nice day to be out on the water and in a kayak with friends.

This is the first rapid after the put-in bridge - Jack's Rock Falls, Paul Butler and son Daelen plowing through.

Micheal Ann Stylin' it

Here is Todd's line, right off the lip

This next one is Wooten's Folly, a little more technical but everyone had good lines
Kemper diggin in the green water
Micheal Ann sliding safely through the notch
This was my line through Wooten's, frame by frame thanks to Kemper's photography efforts!

This is the Widowmaker Rapid located down on the Obed River, It's a fun wave train splash fun park ride.

The Dynamic Duo!

Kemper Begley @ Widowmaker

Todd @ Widowmaker