Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easter Eggs & Baskets

This was a fun time for all especially Juliya, her first time being involved. Her technique was to to throw them into the dye cups which interestingly made the coolest eggs, she even had a Zombie Egg!

Angry Birds Kit for Trey

Warning! Chocolate Overdose!

Pre-Spring Outside Adventures

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

February times....

Falling behind on my blogging in the last 6 months so gonna try and post some make-up post from previous months, if anybody is even looking at this.....I reckon it's good for personal remembrance if nothing else so without further ado 

picture of Juliya with cuz Kenzie

Bucket Head spaghetti stained tatooed princess

My Birthday present this year and learning how to install it too!

Juliya headin into Nana and Poppy's

Making her way into big girl shoes already??

Trey & Jules out exploring the neighborhood

Juliya sneaking into bath before undressing

My Birthday wishes from Texas!!!!