Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Memory of Blackie "Lawless" Rollins

We Lost a Legend of a Dog today..... He was attacked yesterday during the day by something or things unknown. We found him laying in our driveway in the evening with very little movement and covered in mud. Katherine cleaned him up as best as you could. I got him to the vet this morning and they informed me the outlook was a grim one. Multiple puncture wounds and possible head and nerve trauma. An hour later they informed us there was nothing left to do for him and so ended the wonderful life of our "outlaw" dog. We never knew where Kaya and Blackie's origins where from when we moved here but we knew this was thier home and you couldn't ask for more loyal dogs. They accepted us as we accepted them. We're gonna miss you buddy, barking all through the night(atleast you taught Happy that tradition)protecting the area we call home. We'll make sure Kaya is taken care of for you, we know how much she means to you. Thanks for teaching Happy to be a good watchdog and sparing with her to teach her the self-defence every puppy needs. You were a great Dog and Soul, like I said "A LEGEND"

Rest In Peace
Blackie "Lawless" Rollins
May 12th 2010

Runnin' with the Pack

Blackie was always teaching Happy the ropes

The Queen Kaya and Her Knight

This was when he was a young fellow

Flyin' High Again, back in 2001 he could jump 5feet off the ground!

Livin' Hard, Wild & Free was the life for me.
Always a good friend with Bad Company