Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kayak Joe photo-shoot

Hooked up with legendary extreme kayaking action figure "Kayak Joe" for a photo-shoot. He expressed his interest in a first descent down the Rollins Branch, a short, very fast and steep section of whitewater he had been eyeing & dreaming about for a little while.  A perfect opportunity for he and I to get together and document this epic session.

Kayak Joe stylin' with a classic rail grab

First Drop, has a major credentials for a classic southeastern rapid. Kayak Joe styled the line perfect, right through the narrow slot

At the top of "Big Slide"!  Lining up for another perfectly executed line

At the bottom of  "Big Slide" extreme kayaking at its best

Kayak Joe taking the necessary saftey precautions and scouting the Big Drop 

Stylin' the rock spin on "Little Drop",   

Lining up for the big one.....

"BIG DROP" by far the most extreme vertical drop Kayak Joe has ever attempted. measuring in at around 28 inches!  With no fear Kayak Joe throws the biggest Wave-Wheel of his career over Big Drop with perfect execution and the success of another perfect day on the water comes to an end. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Outing....

Trey and I took a little canoe break today, it was a little too windy so it cut our trip a little short.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Beautiful sunrise inspirational morning, moments after I captured this image the sun slowly dissappeard behind the clouds not to be seen again till late afternoon....

My totally adorable sweetie daughter capturing my heart once again, this time dressed up as a little ladybug

The challenge is on against the M.C.P(Master Control Program if ya didn't know). Only TRON will prevail in the challenge as he avoids Recognizers and Disc battles his way through programs to the Ultimate duel....