Sunday, December 27, 2009

Piney River @ 3ft.

Here we are the Day After Christmas testing some New Equipment Santa brought Kemper and I for being Good Boy's all year long. Kemper called for an invitation for some cold weather paddling and I could not decline, after all I had just opened some gifts the day before - some Dry-pants, Paddle Pogies, and a Fleece Skull cap to top off my head. Kemper had a brand new Dry-Suit to test. It started out a "Cold" morning frost covered every blade of grass, icicles hanging over the outcroppings of rock along the river banks. We were Nice and Cozy Fleece Lined River Rats enjoying our day out in the Wild! It had warmed up to the mid forty's by the time we got off the river around 4:30.

This is probably the most fun rapid on the Piney! It is a Super-Fast Long River-Wide Slide, you can easily get out and hike back up the rock bank and run it multiple times. If it hadn't spun me around backwards on the first run you would see my face smiling from ear to ear!

This is some more typical Piney River Whitewater.

Video of Kemper and I running Hungry Jack Rapid here:

Christmas Morning & Afternoon

We had a Great Family Christmas Holiday, it was great to see everyone we don't get to spend as much time with throughout the year. It was a wonderful evening and dinner at Katherine's uncle Mark and aunt Bobby's on Christmas Eve(sorry forgot camera so no pics of that night).

Christmas morning was a blast watching Trey's excitement opening gifts that Santa had brought him for being a good boy! I must've been pretty good too. We got mostly video camera footage of this. I think his favorite was his Imaginext Castle at least that what he tells me.

Creating aliens with the Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber (another favorite)

Our Christmas Tree.....

The Best Gift of All(from Santa)...........The Imaginext Castle with action figures and the Engineering Marvel at right bottom corner

Our little Christmas Village

Nana and her baby girl

Little Baby Kinsey and Nana

Jesse's big present was the Nintendo Wii, I think his Dad was liking it too......
Jeremy in Full Swing

Jesse swingin' for the big hit

Digging for Dino Bones on the Leapster

Smile for your picture guys............

He really liked the Marble Races too, from the Lester Family, Thanks guys and we missed you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Kayak


Made in Bavaria, Germany

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Day for The Big Party!

Early and Cold start this morning. Katherine's Delicious homemade pizza and Seven Layer Salad was once again a hit for the party. She put alot of time, work & Love into it, that is the secret simple ingredient! Everyone had a good time, but I think Trey had the most fun having friends and family at his house. Nana was the first guest, she also got him some Ben 10 action figures that he soo much wanted. We missed Poppy but he was Trucking on his way to Cali4ornia this weekend.

Big flip action stunts....
wooooo-hooooooo! Big Air!

Come inside it's Fun inside!

The Moon Walker..

Making his long out loud wish about wanting to see a real Space Shuttle, because he said he doesn't want his wishes to be secrets.

Sealing the deal........

Trey and Jacob admiring my work of art, and picking out which piece of it to eat.

Grandaddy and Granny got one of his favorites here...

Sweet Mom helping out with the presents. A Polar Express Jacket.

Showing off and trying out his new telescope I got for him. His kit also had a Microscope too, so we checked out some inscect parts before bathtime.
Five Years. So Fast. Many Memorys
Many Joys, Amazement, So Proud
To Be Your Dad, Trey Anthony Rollins
Happy Birthday Son!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey!

We awoke to the nice little snow this morning for Trey's fifth Birthday. I sure was a pleasant sight even though we had to postpone Trey's party to Sunday.....

He started his day with his Pancake breakfast complete with whip cream and birthday candles to blow out, with a birthday wish, then out the door we went to build a gingerbread house at the local Lowe's in midtown. We ran into Nana there and she joined us for the project. He did a great job of putting his together with very minimal help from Dad.

Then back home, later in the afternoon we turned on the bounce room and went at it till about dark, Cold but Fun! Mom had tacos made for dinner, watched The Year Without a Santa Claus before Trey's bath and bedtime. Big day Tomorrow, it's 1:30 a.m. right now and I just finished the Birthday Cake and I think I'm going to bed now.

Our Back yard from the Back Deck

Our little creek is always beautiful

Little craftsman hammering away, (where's my the nail gun?) ;<)

Meticulously applying the stickers

The Finished Masterpiece!

"Houston, We Are Go For Party"