Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Halloween....Halloween...

Spooky sunset, perfect Halloween!


Captain America(showing his true identity) and his biggest fan!

After the rain we were treated to a beautiful rainbow...

Trey ran into one of his previous classmates Keaton. Last Year he was the Tin Man, this year Scarecrow and man he is getting tall! Maybe the Cowardly Lion next year?

These are the spooky pictures I took through my red glasses, Katherine said it looks like there should be a ghost in this one.

here I am sneaking up on Captain America.........

Protecting the City of Rockwood, Captain America faces down the evil forces in front of the fountain....

Could this be The End! Kemper as DEATH! Notice his baby stroller in the background ;)

Vampiress Micheal Ann & her little Bumble Bee(Zane) with guest Captain America(Trey)

Trey and Zane

Preparing to Trick or Treat.

Class Picture from halloween party at school on Friday

Trey and his "girlfriend" Whitney, she was the Princess and Trey told Nana he wished if he could be the King.

Katherine's perfectly carved pumpkin

Full Speed Hero action shot....

Whites Creek Gorge Natural Area

The Goal is to preserve and protect this beautiful area found right here in our community. For too long people have taken for granted and abused this area. Now the rules must be set for people who do not respect this simple concept.

Parking Area Rapid and a view looking upstream

We only got a few pictures, these are of the most fun rapid on the upper section below possum trot bridge.

Kemper Begley.....