Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rollins "Scream V"

Behold, my first attempt at sculpting a guitar. The shape of the V guitar has always been my favorite, I have owned a few different styles a Randy Rhoads V, a King V, and the classic 60's style V all unique in their own rite. Now I have added my own twist and manipulation on this style of guitar, the "Scream V" custom built and hand shaped by myself. Sculpted from Alder wood with Mahogany accent through centre and a Speed Bevel edge. Features a Hotrod Dimarzio bridge pick-up, tune-o-matic bridge, high speed knobs and DR Red Devil strings.

The beginnings, glued and clamped.

Routing out for pick-up and electronics

Rough cut-out of the initial shape with neck and pick-up routes done

Ensuring a tight fit on the neck is crucial as well as distance and straightness, this was a test fitting and double checking measure.

Here its getting the finish coat sprayed on. The Speed Bevel Edge is accented with black paint the body has a Dark Oak stain

Together waiting on the Bridge and strings

Finally Here it is - The Ultimate V Guitar - The Rollins "Scream V"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pool Kayak Eskimo Roll practice

Some picture of me teaching Trey about using your hips to snap the Kayak back over. He did very well at following my instuctions and was virtually rolling it back over with very little help!