Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Girl!

Latest pic of our sweet Juliya @ 21 weeks. Everything is going well as she is growing fast and strong.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tellico River "Updated"

Trey at Bald River Falls

All of us at Bald River Falls. A nice gentleman offered to take this of us as we were standing on the bridge.

Baby Falls. This drop is measured at about 13-14 feet depending on water levels.

Nice line up for the drop at Baby Falls

Enjoying the action at Baby Falls

This rapid is called Cry Baby, it is the lead in for Baby Falls
This is the river left line washout/fallout of the Baby falls short pool. The rapid name is Diaper Wiper or some call it Hamburger.

This is upstream of Baby looking down, the kayaker is just going over the lip of the falls. You can see the pool below Diaper Wiper to right of the kayakers head.

Trey playing and climbing around on the rocks

Nice boof off of a little 8 ft falls

Taking time to skip some rocks

This was a bad line over the Baby, got a little too sideways there. Trey took this pic.
This is what could happen when a bad line goes really bad.

Trey's shot of Bald River Falls
As we were leaving some were going to climb up and attempt to run the last 20 foot drop of the falls.

Trey's 2011 Kindergarten Class