Sunday, August 23, 2009

Emory River in August

Some shots of our day on the river swimming, playing and enjoying the outdoors. Most of these were taken at the Nemo Area on the Emory.

buried in the pile at 300 cfs

Nice shot of Nemo Rapid, normally rated a class lll

This was the day before(saturday) @ the take out in Oakdale, loaded up.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Space Monkeys

These are the pictures we got e-mailed to us from the Curious George Exhibit, a very cool idea!

Discovery Center Fun Day!

Baby Alex having a good time!
Trey loves the water play area the best.

Check out the big fish he snagged here

Mya & Trey fishing together

DeRenee' with her boots on

Discovery collage


Trey digging for some Dino bones

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 2009 "hot & humid"

It took it a while but the usual summer temps and humidity have found thier way here once again. I spent alot of time on the bike last month, while watching Le' Tour de' France seemed to inspire me to get out to ride more often. I've logged 980 miles so far this year not including time on the home trainer so I'm a few months ahead from last year where the total was a little over 1,000 miles for the whole year. My gaol was to hit 2,000 before it gets too cold to ride but I'd settle for 1,500 or maybe 1,800. They rode more than that in the 3 weeks of Tour!

Gardening has its moments, some bad like hardly any tomatoes this year, for some reason they all got some bottom rotting while still green? but mostly we get to enjoy lots of fresh veggies this time of year. If nothing else Grandaddy(Bill) keeps us stocked in corn, peppers, beans and cucumbers. This year has been somewhat challenging but we are seeing some payoffs with the few veggies below and our peach tree! So let me know if you need some super hot peppers or a taste of some fresh peach pie/cobbler, it goes better with some vanilla ice cream!

Habanero plants are starting to bear some baby peppers.

Jalapenos are almost ready to be made into salsa

this is the red cabbage, it has not matured as fast as the green.....

this one is ready for the pickin

I've got a few butternut squash vines doing o.k.

The backyard flower and herb garden seems to be doing well. The number as well as the size of the Voodoo plants this year was a bit surprising!

Peach pickin time, the tree is full. Trey and I picked 2 bags today!
Then we decided to make a peach pie with a crumbled top, he help me measure out all the ingredients and mix it up. We also made some wild rice mix and I grilled a couple of new york strips.
he took this one of me checking the pie after removing some foil around the edge.
The taste of success, "it tastes soo yummy, Dad"

Now time to relax and watch a movie after a long day, he chose "Ratatouille"