Sunday, May 29, 2011

Katherine and Juliya.....

Took this beautiful picture of my gorgeous wife with our growing baby and had to share...

Frog came out for a picture too, they love the new pond.

Then the butterfly came out to get in the picture i missed the picture when it landed on Katherines dress

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Spring Pictures and Creatures.....

The greatest dog bed ever, a fresh tilled garden! Happy.....


Natural beauty comes back every spring

Box turtle in the driveway....

Tron Legacy Sam Flynn replica disc.... he worked hard at school to earn this and i think we know what he'll be dressing as for Halloween this year!

We found this big Snapper turtle in the creek out front chillin' out

looks very prehistoric up close

Happy and Bingus chased off a mother turkey hen out front and she left a couple chicks behind until we diverted the dogs attention so the chicks could find their mom....stressful times..i got this picture of one the worried chicks.

Katherine caught Trey and I in pretend land

More spring flowers plus my man made waterfall and creek in the background

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kindergarten Zoo trip

Great time at the Zoo today. We got to enjoy it with a couple of Trey's classmates Mark and Kayleigh.

Mark getting a closer look and checking out the Zebra

The Bird sanctuary

The Meerkats

Going wild in the tunnel on the way to Kids Cove

Monkeying around ( Mark, Kayleigh and Trey)

Mark showing off his Tiger and Tiger face

Mark finally got in the drivers seat

Playing around the old Land Rover, one of the most popular attractions for the kids.

Trey, Kayleigh and Mark practicing their new reading skills they've worked hard on all year.

Trey sounding it out

This was a Rhino confrontation that went on most of the day.....

The White Alligator

Kayleigh having fun at Kid's Cove